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Australian Alternative Music [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Australian Alternative Music

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hello, is iz new here [Jan. 15th, 2011|11:20 am]
Australian Alternative Music

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Kiss of Life - Friendly Fires]

South East country QLD. or North east NSW whatever... Actually i'm kinda both, if you know what I mean. haha
10 Favorite Aussie Acts:
-Parkway Drive
-The Amity Affliction
-Children Collide
-Buried In Verona
-Dead Letter Circus
-The Getaway Plan
-Thy Art Is Murder
-We Are The Emergency
-Black as Blue + Without WIngs We Fall (local awsmz)

5 Favorite International Acts:
-System of a Down
-Linkin Park (old school LP plz)
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Bullet For My Valentine
...ugh that was painful trying to pick just 5...

Best Gig Ever: Muse at the Brissy Entertainment Centre... just AMAZING!!! and you will never understand untill you see Muse live
Favorite Venue: Brissy EC
Are You a Musician?: kinda ;) i'm learning Bass guitar
What do you have your Radio On?: Triple J. Never changes. ever.  go Triple J!

i hope im not the only person still  looking at this community...
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another newbiesmewbie :) [Jan. 23rd, 2009|10:58 am]
Australian Alternative Music
[Current Location |shizabiz]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Looking for a rabbit - Laura Imbruglia]

Name: Rachael
Age: ninteen
Location: Sydney
Ten Favorite Aussie Acts:

- Silverchair
- End of Fashion
- The Dissociatives
- Nick Cave
- The Presets
- Laura Imbruglia
- Eskimo Joe
- Architecture in Helsinki
- Midnight Juggernauts

Five Favorite International Acts:

- David Bowie
- The Beatles
- Lily Allen
- The Cardigans
- Muse

Best Gig Ever: HIM - The Big Top
Favorite Venue: The Gaelic Club
Are You a Musician?: nooo...despite the fact that I come from a VERY
musical family (most of my great uncles/older cousins are respected muscians...
my uncle georgie was good friends with slim dusty) I have
have no musical talent to speak of. Just an enthusiast I am : )
What do you have your Radio On?: I don't listen to much radio...
listen to hamish and andy on the rare occasion (i know that isnt
music) I frequent last fm.
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Hey, I'm new [Sep. 10th, 2008|06:51 pm]
Australian Alternative Music
[music |Ben Folds]

Name: Cassy

Age: 19

Location: Adelaide

10 Favourite Aussie Acts:
- British India
- Faker
- Sarah Blasko
- Josh Pyke
- Angus and Julia Stone
- Red Riders
- Birds of Tokyo
- Architecture in Helsinki
- Laura Imbruglia
- The Getaway Plan

5 Favourite International Acts:
- Brand New
- Muse
- Bloc Party
- Kings of Leon
- Cold War Kids

Best Gig Ever:
It's a toss up between The Living End in September '06, British India and Kisschasy in September '07, and Brand New in January '08.

Favourite Venue:
The Gov.

Are You a Musician:
I sing, and I'm learning the guitar. But I haven't performed in two years, so.

What do you have your Radio On?
Triple J.

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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2007|05:38 pm]
Australian Alternative Music

Hiii I'm new.

Name: Bronny

Age: 21

Location: Melbourne

10 Favorite Aussie Acts:

- y+r
- children collide
- snowman
- wolf & cub
- midnight juggernauts
- cut copy
- red riders
- the mess hall
- presets
- mercy arms

5 Favorite International Acts:
- the hold steady
- the rolling stones
- the clash
- nirvana
- the doors

Best Gig Ever:

i can't chose EVER. for this year it would either be y+r @ the evelyn or children collide secret show @ pony

Favorite Venue:

The Forum

Are You a Musician?:


What do you have your Radio On?:

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uh hi [Nov. 6th, 2007|08:57 am]
Australian Alternative Music

[music |flowers grown form hearts of stone- the exit city]

hi i'm new
10 Favorite Aussie Acts:Antistatic,sydonia,the living end, horsell common, bob evans, josh pyke, silverchair,the hot lies, van dieman, grinspoon ...................
5 Favorite International Acts:pulp,my chemical romance, ramones, franz ferdinand,marilyn manson
Best Gig Ever:ummm prob The Living End in launy last year, closely followed by AWOL, Bob Evans, Greenday,silverchair and grinspoon and yeah I can't actually decide
Favorite Venue:one in the same state as me is always good i dunno albert hall the dec ??
Are You a Musician?:*wishes* i can play a bit of bass badly
What do you have your Radio On?:triple j
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Newbie alert! [Apr. 20th, 2007|08:21 pm]
Australian Alternative Music

[mood |angryangry]
[music |Karnivool - Shutterspeed]

Hi all.

Great place here. Good to see that there is some Aussie music support here. Music wise, I’m a bit of a rock chick, boring on heavy metal with undertones of grunge. So yes, hi and nice to meet you all.

Name: Minka
Age: 21
Location: Brisbane
5 Favourite Aussie Acts:
Dallas Crane
Sick Puppies

5 Favourite International Acts:
Tool!!!!!!!!!! (And A Perfect Circle)
Linkin Park

Best Gig Ever: Korn, Disturbed and 10 Years…. Or maybe Slipknot… or Karnivool and Sick Puppies… or Seether… ahh, to hard to choose!
Favourite Venue: Anywhere there is good music.
Are You a Musician?: I’m a wannabe rockstar ;)
What do you have your Radio On?: Radio? That is why CD’s were invented.
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Eroti-Rock II [Apr. 15th, 2007|08:50 pm]
Australian Alternative Music

6 Rock bands, 3 pool tables and beer are you coming?

Send an e-mail in info@panzphotography.com to get presales for only $5 thats $3 off usual pre-sale prices and $5 off on the night tickets!

click here to vist the myspace site
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Aussie Band icons [Feb. 23rd, 2007|03:21 pm]
Australian Alternative Music

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

x07 Little Birdy
x27 The Presets
(13) more Presets
x32 Butterfly Boucher
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COME TO THE SHOW!!! [Jan. 4th, 2007|05:25 am]
Australian Alternative Music

Hey!!! How was everyones new year??

Click the Pic to buy PRESALE TICKETS!!

Click here to buy Presale Tickets for $8!!!

Hope to see you there!

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BANDS WANTED FOR SHOW IN JANUARY 2007!!! [Nov. 15th, 2006|06:23 am]
Australian Alternative Music


Are you interested??


with the following

- Band Profile with 1 PHOTO

- Recent show list + up coming

- Website OR Myspace link

+ any other information you would like me to know about

E-mail if you have any questions!

Check out www.panzphotography.com
for photo's of Alice Cooper, The Living End,
Avril Lavigne, Static-x, Rouge Traders,
End of fashion + many more!!
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