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Australian Alternative Music

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This is a community for fans of any Alternative Australian Music. It is named after Sydney's Annandale Hotel, as it has helped young bands build their careers
It is aimed at helping to promote hard-working Aussie bands by introducing them to new fans.

Members Can:
- Post Reviews of CDs or Live Shows
- Post Images of live shows (you can post one as a teaser, then the rest behind an LJ Cut)
- Promote their own bands
- Post up and coming shows for any Aussie acts about to tour
- Post information on any Aussie acts appearing on TV, Radio, in Newspapers/Magazines etc.
- Post information about venues in Australia
- Promote other RELATED Communites
- Post industry news
- Post Press Releases
etc.. etc.. etc..

Any Long Posts Must Have An LJ Cut In Them.

No Posting Any Info About International Acts, There Are A Billion Other Communities For That.

Intorduce yourself once you've become a member. A good ice breaker can be to fill this out:

10 Favorite Aussie Acts:
5 Favorite International Acts:
Best Gig Ever:
Favorite Venue:
Are You a Musician?:
What do you have your Radio On?:

This isn't compulsory and you can add and change questions if you like.
Now have fun kiddies.

(this LJ is now only active so that I can run this community and does not operate as an actual journal. However if you have any complaints or suggestions please leave a comment on this journal instead of posting it in the communtiy and I promise to get back to you.)

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